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VBS Material

Dallas, TX
Renovación HEC
San Antonio, TX
2/19/16 – 2/21/16
Welcome Pastor Day
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX
2/26/16 – 2/27/16
African American
Leadership Workshop

Waco, TX
3/4/16 – 3/5/16

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Preparing for service on a unique mission field

Passionate about preaching the word of God and sharing the Gospel, Mark Kim enrolled in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall of 2014. In his younger years, Kim would not have pictured himself in seminary but rather in medical school pursuing a career in pediatrics.

Following his graduation from Baylor University with a degree in education, Kim was working at a hospital in his hometown of Lewisville. He constantly found himself drawn to patients, checking on how they were doing in the midst of sickness and emergencies. He... [continue]

Since early 2011, when the Syrian conflict began, more than 1.5 million refugees have fled to Lebanon seeking safety. Most of them have little money and no place to live. When the harsh winter strikes, they hunker down and find warmth the best ways they can. Often times, they spend the winter living in flimsy canvas tents with no blankets, mattresses, or heaters.

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Volunteer teams are needed in North Texas. If your church group would like to assist in debris clearing and clean-up you can learn how to get involved by visiting the Disaster Recovery page.

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It’s time to complete the 2016 SBC Church Compensation Survey! This survey continues to help SBC churches establish competitive compensation packages for ministers and church staff.

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A large sign hangs in the hallway of nineteen:ten church with one simple word on display: Found. Each letter of the sign is made up of individual light bulbs. When a person accepts Christ as their Savior, turning their life from the darkness into the light, they turn on one light bulb, representing their decision. The sign serves as a reminder for church members and staff of the exciting new life found in Christ, and also of those who have yet to receive salvation.

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The Annual Meeting edition of our magazine features stories about a unique outreach for a local church, a new prison ministry, counseling services, reaching out to refugees, creating an emergency operations plan for your church, and more. Dr. Bill Pinson also shares about the Baptist Distinctive and our “Living Legacy” as Texas Baptists.

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txb.life is a new publication created to identify events and ministries within Texas Baptists resources that will help you, as a church and community leader, impact those who God puts in your path. Events and topics are broken down by ministry emphasis to give you a snapshot into what’s upcoming and trending in your area of service.

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We are passionate about sharing the Gospel and loving our neighbors. This video shows the scope of Convention ministries made possible when you give to the Cooperative Program. Together we are doing more.

The 2015 Annual Meeting is a celebration of who we are and what we believe. Watch this animated video from the meeting for a quick refresher on 12 Baptist distinctives, which are foundational to our rich faith tradition. We encourage you to download, show and share with others as you seek to carry out a living legacy.

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