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‘Living kits’ show ‘living God’ to people affected by Ike

October 23rd, 2008 at 3:25 pm

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is moving 5,000 mobile homes into Southeast Texas to provide housing for people affected by Hurricane Ike, and Texas Baptists have an opportunity to provide assistance to these people in their time of need.

FEMA is looking for people to provide “living kits” for each of the homes. Kits include basic household cleaning supplies, plates, silverware and other household items.

Carolyn Porterfield, who is leading the BGCT’s church-to-partnership efforts in the wake of Ike, challenged Texas Baptists to provide at least 2,500 of those living kits. This opportunity provides a chance for Texas Baptists to follow Christ’s command to help those in need.

“Texas Baptists have a unique opportunity to give hope to a family that has lost much by providing a living kit of household items that will be given to them when they move into a FEMA trailer,” Porterfield said. “As we give this gift to help them re-establish their living situation, we can pray that God will use it to speak to them of a living, loving God who is reaching out to them. Approximately 5,000 kits are needed.”

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