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Substance Abuse – January 2009

January 25th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Substance Abuse Support

“Do something” is our focus in Substance Abuse Ministry.  In 2009, there are many options for your church to consider that can make an impact in the community that you live in.

On May 1, we will sponsor a state-wide training event for churches to explore ministry options available for substance abuse ministry.  This will be an important event for churches who want to begin a ministry or churches who are hoping to network and strengthen current ministries.

Recovery Sunday will be on October 18.  I encourage your church to put this important date on your calendar and begin to make plans to take a stand for drug free schools as a part of Red Ribbon Week and support congregation members who are going through recovery.

Also in the works this year, is a podcast that will be broadcast through ITunes and on the BGCT web page.  This will be an exciting opportunity to get information, tools and networking helps into the hands of youth ministers, churches and the community through a communication channel that is new and widely used by many groups in the community.

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