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Ethics In Action – World Hunger Offering Advocates

January 25th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

World Hunger Offering AdvocatesWorld Hunger Offering advocates all around Texas are stepping up and saying, “It’s unacceptable that Texas is the #1 state in America with families who live in hunger and poverty!  We want to do something about it!”

And indeed this Hunger Advocacy Team, led by Carolyn Strickland, 2009 First Vice President of BGCT, is doing just that.  Lay leaders, missions committee members, church staff, and pastors from Del Rio to Muleshoe, from Waxahachie to Abilene, are speaking out and making their churches and others in their area aware of the tremendous need that the World Hunger Offering is meeting not only in Texas but across America and around the entire world.

When the advocates were asked to contact three churches in their association, Charlie Whiteside of First Baptist Church Kilgore, said he would contact his entire association and three others surrounding it.  Bobby Broyles, First Baptist Church Ballinger, ordered 75 of the new Texas-shaped hunger banks and said he would send them with a letter to every pastor in his and one neighbor association.  Jeff Johnson, First Baptist Church Del Rio, went home from the meeting and formed his own hunger advocacy team in his church.  This week he is holding an all-day conference for this team with speakers informing attendees of world hunger issues in the area and how to restore communities at risk.

You, too, can be a part of this growing group of everyday Baptists who say, “Enough is enough!” The next Hunger Advocacy Team meeting will be at the San Antonio Baptist Association office, Thursday, January 22, 10:00 – 1:00. If you are interested in attending this meeting or advocating for the marginalized from any part of Texas, please call or email Joyce Gilbreath, 214-828-5172.

Addressing the question of why he feels God expects us to feed hungry people, Charlie Whiteside, a true friend of the World Hunger Offering, tells us, “We must meet physical needs first… an empty stomach has no ears to hear the gospel.”

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