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Buckner, Center for Informed Faith form strategic alliance

April 30th, 2009 at 9:25 am

DALLAS – Buckner International and the Center for Informed Faith have announced an alliance combining efforts of the two organizations to promote CIF’s mission of equipping Christians while enabling Buckner to expand its global work on behalf of children and families.
Under the agreement, Buckner and the CIF will develop curriculum for local churches, equipping them to serve the needs of at-risk children and orphans. The plan also includes joint “vision mission trips” to countries served by Buckner.
Buckner Children and Family Services President Albert Reyes called the alliance a “unique opportunity for both ministries. Utilizing Center for Informed Faith President Jim Denison’s skills as a writer and teacher helps Buckner be even more effective in communicating the biblical mandate Christians have to minister to children.

“We are also excited that the Center for Informed Faith is going to provide training materials for nearly 4,000 short-term missions volunteers who serve through Buckner,” Reyes added.
Denison, who also serves as the Baptist General Convention of Texas theologian-in-residence, said the alliance with Buckner is the “perfect mix” for the CIF because, “working with Buckner enables us to fulfill our mission of promoting cultural engagement, spiritual renewal and practical discipleship. Helping Buckner improve the lives of children is about as practical as it gets for Christians.”
Under the alliance agreement, neither ministry is receiving financial benefit. Instead, leaders of both organizations say the ultimate benefit of the two working together goes to the children and families served by Buckner.
“This kind of alliance is a wonderful model for how Christian organizations can collaborate to advance not only their separate missions, but more importantly, the cause of Christ’s Kingdom,” Reyes said.

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