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A Word From Suzii – Welcome Home! Texas Hunger Initiative

May 26th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

Congratulations. The Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger announces the birth of a child, the Texas Hunger Initiative.

Thanks to your generosity and faithfulness, the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger has continued to grow and now supports over a hundred Texas ministries that relieve hunger and build hope. The birth of the Texas Hunger Initiative begins a process to bless and multiply impact in hunger ministry. Tens of thousands of Texans are being fed. Jesus exclaims about His disciples, “You will do greater things than I do.” His hope is to see millions of Christ followers across all boundaries of time and place acting in love as He did.

Growing in strength, the Texas Hunger Initiative will begin to empower teams of state leaders, student workers and hunger advocates. The encouragement of HOPE 2010 is to feed hungry Texas and the Texas Hunger Initiative will help extend and connect ministries within and beyond the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger.

No one grows without a family. The Texas Hunger Initiative is hosted by the Baylor School of Social Work and joins with compassionate TBOWH ministries in every corner of Texas. Each of these names represents the face of generous grace to the hungry and lost. Pause to pray, or better yet, lend a hand in support to these ministries in your area – they are an alphabet of grace for Texas:

Abilene – Crescent Heights BC & Angel Food Ministries

Amarillo - CityChurch, Eastridge Community Outreach, Perkins Community Center Immanuel Baptist Kids Outreach, Freedom Baptist Church Palo Duro Cowboy Church

Austin – Austin Baptist Chapel; Baptist Community Center; First Baptist, Elgin; Hyde Park Baptist; First Baptist, Manor; First Baptist, Oak Hill; River Road Baptist; and Iglesia Bautista Principe de Paz.

Brownwood – Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) including wild game (white tail deer).

Conroe – Burning Hope Baptist Church S.O.U.L. soup kitchen and more.

Corpus Christi – Baptist Church Inner City Mission, and Parkdale Baptist Church Christian Care Center.

Dallas area – which in 2008 served over 140,000 people in need. Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving; Bible Way Baptist Church; Brother Bill’s Helping Hand; Breakfast with Jesus, Shekinah Tabernacle Baptist Church; Cornerstone Care Center; Exodus Ministries; First Laotian Baptist Church; Freeman Heights Baptist Church; Friendship House, Carrollton; Friendship House, Garland; Food Gap Refugee Ministry, Gaston Oaks Baptist Church; DBA Apartment Ministries; and Open Table Project Homeless Ministry.

Decatur - Wise, Jack, and Montague counties -Harvest Baptist Association funds six food ministries.

Del Rio – First Baptist Church’s Hunger Advocacy Ministry.

El Paso - Iglesia Bautista El Divino Salvador; Misión Palabras de Vida; First Baptist Church, Clint; Iglesia Bautista Peregrino; Templo Bautista Ft. Hancock; and Dell City Hispanic.  .

Ft Worth - Beautiful Feet Ministries, Bisbee Baptist Church, Broadway Baptist Church, Christian Community Assistance, Community Caring Center, Cornerstone Community Center, Eastside Ministries, G.R.A.C.E., Mission Arlington, N.E.E.D. East and West, N.I.C.A, Union Gospel Mission, West Aid, and Mercy Heart Family Relief Outreach.

Freeport Coastal – HOPE Clinic, River of Hope First Baptist, Safe Haven is a residential facility for homeless, pregnant teenagers.

Houston – Poverty Ministries Initiative of Union Baptist Association with several component ministries: Family Crisis Care Project; Food for Homebound Persons Project; Senior Adult Day Care Project; Ministries with Children Project; Language Skills Project; and Employment Support Project.

Lubbock – Red Cross, Women’s Protective Services, MH-MR, Managed Care, Adult Protective Services, Lubbock Independent School District, Exodus Prison Ministries, and churches across the Lubbock area.

Midland – Midland Baptist Crisis Center primarily serves low to mid income families whose income cannot keep pace with rising expenses and families who have never applied for food assistance and have lost jobs.

Mineral Wells – New Haven Ministries is the major provider of food for the needy in the county, serving over 600 families per month through Helping Hands food pantry.

Odessa – The Permian Basin Mission Center, 12,000 families a year.

San Antonio – Buena Voluntad Baptist Church; Christian Women’s Job Corps; MANNA, First Baptist Church; Harlandale Baptist Church; In His Hands Ministry, Mayfield Park Baptist Church; MCBC Food Pantry, Medical City Baptist Church; Amistad, First Mexican Baptist Church; St. Stephen Baptist Church; Lewis Angel Ministries, South San Filadelfia Baptist Church; Angel Food Ministry, University Park Baptist Church; Jireh Ministries, West Campus Baptist Church; Food Pantry, Redeeming Grace Baptist Church; and Resurrection Baptist Church, Lytle.

Waco – Operation Assist provides food and clothing for the needy of McLennan County, World Hunger Relief Community Gardens project – campus gardening projects to enhance students’ understanding of both good nutrition and gardening skills sufficient to provide their families with low-cost fresh vegetables.

Weatherford – Center of Hope in Weatherford serves the large population of poor people in Parker County.

We strive to make Jesus’ vision for compassion our vision. These ministries will flourish and new horizons of compassionate ministry will grow through caring partnerships and by using tools from the Texas Hunger Initiative. We are already on the way to developing habits of adventurous obedience. Follow Jesus, feed his sheep.

We value your input and suggestions.
Your comments and recommended resources are welcome in the comments box below.

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2 Responses

  1. Joshua Masaba says:

    Iam Pastor of Kayango Baptist church in Uganda.We are experiencing severe hunger and we are requesting the American Brethren to help with funds to buy and distribute food.
    Thanks alot Joshua.

  2. Paul Griffin says:

    I am living in England and find myself longing for a more christian centred lifestyle among believers. I find I am drawn to Texas, though it has to be said only from what little I have seen on TV and just a feeling that my family and I would be happier there long term.

    Is there any way I can experience the lifestyle for myself and my family by staying with a christian family in Texas. I know no-one in America so this is just a shot in the dark. Any help or pointers you or your organisation can give would be very much appreciated.

    I am drawn, I believe, to ministry although again I don’t know why or how I will accomplish this, I just know I will. I have always decided and gone ahead and done. I am 48 years old next and have a wife and 4 sons ranging from 12 to 28.

    It seems crazy to me that at my time of life I should be contemplating this but at the same time I am, have let my family know I am and told them I am determined to follow through somehow. On the other hand though I dont know how the practicalities of being able to move to Texas would or maybe even could work. Maybe I wouldnt be allowed. Now I am rambling, sorry.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I dont know why I picked this site or even why I wrote, but I guess every journey starts with a first step, and this is mine.

    It must sound so wierd that I would be writing for your advice half way from around the world, but I promise I am no wierdo and am sincerely seeking answers.

    God Bless


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