SANGER – At First Baptist Church, hope began with children.

The children in the church recently kicked off the congregation’s involvement in Texas Hope 2010 by leading its “Sanger Cares Day” and raising money for the hungry through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger. Full Story »

Prayer is just as important if one is ministering to the 5,000 or to the 30 in Donie. Full Story »

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – Familiar faces, a familiar language and a familiar place welcomed Rio Grande Valley youth to a camp where they left changed. Full Story »

INGELSIDE – On a typical Sunday morning in America, people are washing their cars, cutting their grass or performing a variety of other chores. Full Story »

The Baptist General Convention of Texas sent Field Street Baptist Church in Cleburne about 450 prayer guides last week. Field Street’s pastor, John Hall, said the church is using these guides to put an emphasis on prayer. Full Story »

DALLAS – Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas is looking to grow one church at a time, one person at a time. Full Story »

Before students go out to teach English, work in AIDS clinics, teach Vacation Bible Schools or dig water wells as a part of Go Now Missions, they have the chance to prepare for their missions. Full Story »