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Citizenship & Public Policy Alert – Stop Gambling in Texas

August 19th, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Contact you Legislator immediately and tell them you are against the expansion of gambling in Texas and you are against the adoption of the new rule TAC 401.317, and the amendments to TAC 401.301 and 302.

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Dear Friends,
We need your help by Monday, August 24. Proposed rules at the Lottery Commission will create new electronic gambling with instant tickets, without Legislative approval.

Explanation: The proposed rule, TAC 401.317 and the amendments to TAC 401.301 and 302 would allow the Texas lottery to offer electronic instant lottery games on a “central determinate system.” This server- based gaming system is the key component of a video lottery system. The two proposed games include an add-on game to Lotto Texas and an instant printed ticket.

While the lottery commission claims these games are not technically a video lottery terminal, this rule would constitute a giant leap forward for electronic gambling and only one small step away from stand alone VLTs.

Question: Has Texas recognized the connection between “central determinate systems” and VLTs?

Answer: Yes, in the March 5, 2005 Texas House Research Organization’s Report: “Betting on Video Lottery Terminals to Raise Revenue”, the “central determinant” video lottery system was described as: “similar to playing a scratch-off lottery game in which players try to purchase a predetermined winning ticket that has been distributed randomly. The VLT equivalent of this system, used in New York, is called a ‘central determinant win’ in which the video lottery’s central computer system, rather than the machine itself, randomly chooses which plays are winners”
(click here to see report).

If you oppose casino gambling in this state, please take this proposed rule very seriously.

We defeated casinos in the Legislative session – act now to preserve the victory.

Act by next Monday, August 24. If enough voices are heard, the Lottery Commission may decide to abandon this rule making process at their September meeting.

ACTIONS – By Monday, August 24, 2009
Lottery Commission

1. Click the link below to submit your objections to the adoption of these rules. Be sure and fill out the entire information requested (Name, address etc.) and indicate that you are against the adoption of the new rule TAC 401.317, and the amendments to TAC 401.301 and 302.
:: Tell the Commissioners not to adopt the proposed rules.
:: I oppose electronic gambling with instant games and the Texas Lotto add-on game.
:: These games have key components of VLTs.

Email or
Fax to (512) 344-5189,
Attn: General Counsel – Rulemaking; or
Mail to: General Counsel – Rulemaking,
Texas Lottery Commission,
P.O. Box 16630, Austin, TX 78761-6630

2. Encourage Governor Perry’s opposition to gambling. Ask him to instruct his appointees to the Lottery Commission to not expand gambling in this state and to vote no on the new rule TAC 401.317 and the amendments to TAC 401.301 and 302. You can use the link below to contact the Governors office.

3. Contact your elected State Representative and Senator and ask them to contact the Lottery Commission and request that the proposed rules (new rule TAC 401.317 and the amendments to TAC 401.301 and 302) be withdrawn. The following links can help you contact your representatives’ and senator’s office:

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3 Responses

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  2. Robert Brown says:

    Good for them!!!

    I say the sooner we have Casinos in Texas, the better off we will be. You may not like the idea, but rather you like it or not, it’s happening along our borders and Texas is missing out on the tax revenue.

    Wake up. Smell the Roses! And stop the flow of money across the Red River by legalizing Texas Casino Gambling. It’s time to bring it back and keep our money home.

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