CEDAR HILL – Hillcrest Baptist Church gave an apartment complex a reason to be a little more thankful this holiday season. Full Story »

WACO – Federal, state and local leaders in the fight against hunger gathered Nov. 19 for the Baylor University Hunger Summit to begin a discussion that they hope will lead to actions to end food insecurity in Texas by 2015. Full Story »

HOUSTON – Many leadership styles exist in churches today, and to help pastors and leaders be the best they can be, Texas Baptists held a panel discussion to dialogue about issues and strengths of various leadership methods. Full Story »

DALLAS – Local churches are taking notice of the 5,800 homeless people and the 89 percent of Dallas high school seniors who are not college or career ready when they graduate. Believers and churches across denominations and backgrounds are refusing to turn a blind eye anymore to these issues and are setting aside differences to follow God’s command to help the least of these. And they are doing it through the Justice Revival. Full Story »

HOUSTON – In the Christian life, many times believers are divided, taking sides on issues and desiring for their views to reign. Full Story »

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HOUSTON – Texas is home to 24 million people and some troubling statistics. But despite the challenges the state faces, Texas Baptists hold the key to meeting many of the dramatic needs, said President David Lowrie in his Monday address at the Annual Meeting of Texas Baptists. Full Story »