Luke 10 blog by Matt Chandler

Around this time of year, I always become very contemplative about life the past year and start dreaming about the new year. I’m not really one to make ambitious new year resolutions, but I think it’s always a good time to evaluate where I’ve been and the direction I’m headed. Full Story »

connections blog

Have you ever stopped to think about the realms God has placed you in and the connections He has given you? It’s no coincidence that God gave you the gifts, talents, abilities, passions, hobbies and relationships with family, friends and coworkers that you have. You are connected to those things for a reason. Full Story »

STCHM and Blanco Baptist Association

BEEVILLE – Nine-year-old Carlos’ eyes lit up as colorful wrapping paper flew in every direction and squeals of excitement filled the room. This joyful moment is one that Blanco Baptist Association church members have come to look forward to every year as they plan their Christmas party for children living at South Texas Children’s Home. Full Story »

tipping blog

Matt can’t believe he got stuck with another Sunday lunch shift. This is the worst shift of the week… demanding church families who let their kids throw crackers and crumbs all over his section and then they leave little or not tip. Full Story »

A sandwich and the love of Jesus blog

For Pastor Stephen Pinkney, owning a Schlotzsky’s Deli in Lufkin isn’t just about providing  a living wage so that he can also pastor a church plant – New Beginnings Baptist Church. It’s also about ministering to his staff and customers in the name of Christ. Full Story »

DALLAS – The Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board approved a 15-person committee to find the convention’s next executive director. Full Story »

photo for Janet Denison blog

This advent season, I’m reading through the advent devotional published by Janet Denison at the Center for Informed Faith. One of the first entries that she shared in early December touched my heart and stated so clearly why we should be reaching out to the store staff and others who serve us each day as we go about our lives. See what she has to say. I know you will be blessed by her words!

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