DALLAS – Texas Baptist Men’s state feeding unit will leave the organization’s headquarters June 29 and head toward South Texas where it will be ready to provide as many as 20,000 meals a day to 22 shelters in the wake of Tropical Storm Alex. Full Story »

Cowboy roping

The Cowboy Church of Brenham is the latest success story in the ever-growing cowboy church movement. Attendance averages about 300 people in church every week since their start in January.

Though they opened their doors fewer than six months ago, Cowboy Church of Brenham has been on Steve Westbrook’s mind for a long time. Full Story »

Volunteers from Texas Baptist Men traveled by truck through foggy mountains for hours to reach Nipas, a small town almost 300 miles south of Santiago. There, they worked for over two weeks to help a local pastor get back on his feet. Full Story »

Semi with food

RIO GRANDE CITY – What does 48 tons of food look like? To volunteers and families at the Starr County fairgrounds earlier this month, it looked like 4,000 fewer hungry people. Full Story »

In the African village of Maliwane in Lesotho, a 64-year-old grandmother lay dying of AIDS, her only source of comfort and relief coming from a five-gallon bucket of hygiene and medical supplies shipped from a U.S. church. Full Story »

DECATUR — When they learned that one in 10 children in their area goes to bed hungry every night, Ken May and Candy Burden decided to do something about it. Full Story »

HOUSTON – She learned to speak without saying a word. And because of it, she spread the Word across the globe. Full Story »