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Live Intentionally

December 20th, 2010 at 6:30 am

This advent season, I’m reading through the advent devotional published by Janet Denison at the Center for Informed Faith. One of the first entries that she shared in early December touched my heart and stated so clearly why we should be reaching out to the store staff and others who serve us each day as we go about our lives. See what she has to say. I know you will be blessed by her words!

By Janet Denison
Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth (1 John 3:18).

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel always — when necessary use words.” Your life is the loudest, most potent sermon people will ever hear you preach…and trust me, they are “listening.” The most effective Christians we have known across our years in ministry were often those who believed themselves to be “behind the scenes.” Did you become a Christian because of convincing arguments or because you spent time with Christians who lived faithfully? What “sermons” will your life preach this Advent season?

Every day we have opportunities to share Christ with our culture. This is especially true of the holiday season. Most people want to believe the Christmas story. Our job is to help them know it is truth. There are convincing arguments for most of their issues but you will probably need to earn the right to tell them the truth. How can you live your life with intentional faith? We shouldn’t just hope to live faithfully, we should intend to. Let me suggest some Christmas sermons for your life to preach…

• There is a lot of drinking at the office party — and everyone knows you are the one who can drive them safely home.
• There is a long line at the register — and you give up your place to the young mom keeping up with two children.
• There is a sales clerk who is treated rudely — but when it is your turn, you look this person in the eye, thank him for his help, and mean it.
• There is someone at work who will be alone this Christmas — and you make sure that doesn’t happen.
• There is someone who can’t afford Christmas for her kids, and you make sure she can.
• Rush to open doors, smile, care for and show Christ’s love to others.

These opportunities might come your way — but if you intend to “preach your faith” you will look for them. Live with the intention of sharing Christmas with others — not just a holiday. “Preach the gospel always — when necessary use words.” May your life shout what you believe about Christmas today — and may God bless your sermon.

To get Janet’s complete Advent guide through the Center for Informed Faith, visit

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