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TBOWH Updates – February 2011

February 28th, 2011 at 8:08 pm

World Hunger Updates

Missouri Baptists join hands with Texas Baptists to meet hunger needs around the world.

Missouri Baptists have joined with Texas Baptists to meet world hunger needs. Churchnet (the Baptist General Convention of Missouri) will promote the same offering projects in Missouri that the Christian Life Commission promotes in Texas. This means Baptists in each state will be supporting ministries in the other state, as well as the many other national and international projects.

This is an important expansion of the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger, which will serve as the administrative framework for the Missouri offering.

Jim Hill, executive director of Churchnet, says it this way: “We are delighted to be partners with Texas Baptists in promoting our World Hunger Offering. Missouri Baptists, like our Texas friends, know our commitment to love God includes a commitment to love others, particularly the poor and vulnerable in our world.

“Our partnership with Texas Baptists is allowing us to provide information and resources to our churches as they help church members to learn about hunger needs and provide an opportunity for them to give to meet these needs. We would not be able to provide some of these resources without our partnership with Texas Baptists. …

“It is staggering to learn about the hunger that exists in our own communities. … We believe our partnership with Texas Baptists can be a very effective and efficient way for us to provide resources to our churches, channel our World Hunger offerings, and help provide food for the hungry in our world.”

Recalling Jesus’ encounter with a wealthy man who was unwilling to part with his material possessions, Hill noted: “We have to get our focus off ourselves and off our possessions. Jesus pointed the man to the needs of the poor.”

That’s good instruction for all of us. Texas and Missouri Baptists are now working together, taking our focus of ourselves and doing something about the needs of the poor.


Would you like to remember or honor someone special this year? Instead of a gift that will just collect dust why not make a donation in their name to the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger. Let your gift go much further in doing good work for those who are less fortunate.

Donate now!

5th Sunday Hunger Offering Video | Feeding the Hungry in Del Rio

Next 5th Sunday Emphasis for World Hunger – March 27, 2011.  Prepare now. Download 5th Sunday video

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