Single Adult One-Day Rally – TRANSFORMED

March 3rd, 2011 at 11:23 am

Single Adults, leaders, volunteers, pastors, plan to join us April 9th for our annual Single Adult rally, held again this year at Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown.  Map.

The theme of this year’s rally is “TRANSFORMED – RELATIONSHIPS“, based on Romans 12:2, and all of the breakout sessions and general sessions will be focused on how God can transform our relationships.

New for this year, a greatly reduced registration fee!  Only $20 at the door, and the registration fee includes a Chic-fil-A lunch!

  • Comedy Team – Frost & Laster
  • Band – Justin Cofield Band
  • Keynote Speaker - Keith Lowry “Who’s Driving You Out of Your Mind? – The Power of Transformed Relationships”

Breakout sessions include: 

  • Developing healthy relationships
  • His brain/ her brain (Mark Gungor video)
  • Developing a healthy relationship with God
  • Healing past relationships
  • Improving relationships with my children
  • Improving my relationship with my ex
  • Practical tools to improve your Conflict/Confrontation Skills

Plan to join us and bring your whole group!

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