Homer Hanna

BEEVILLE – South Texas Children’s Home Ministries Board Chairman John Weber announced on July 15 that Homer Hanna has agreed to serve as STCHM interim president and CEO as the search begins for a replacement for Todd Roberson. After 19 years at STCHM, Roberson has been named the new president of Children At Heart Ministries in Round Rock. Full Story »


Reaching artists with the hope of Christ goes far beyond accepting their craft and supporting the creativity God has given them. Before reaching out to this group, the Church must grasp a few fundamental actions of the faith.

The Church is not a building or a religious club. It is the body and bride of Christ (Eph. 1:22-23; Col. 1:24; Rev. 21:9). I have heard preachers refer to the bride of Christ as an adulterous woman as an attempt to explain the so-called Christians who still find their portion in the world rather than fully submitted in obedience to Christ. Full Story »


Last week I received an email from a close friend, a retired professor from the Air Force Academy. We met in Vietnam: he was a young officer who had come from teaching at the Air Force Academy. He quickly became a friend and mentor (hard for you who know me now, but I was a LOT younger then!). Full Story »

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God at His core is The Creator… out of nothing, He created the brilliance of light, the immense beauty of the heavens and earth. We are made in the image of God, so we too are made to create. Join the journey this month as we look at the artist community in Texas, see what God is doing in and through them and learn how the Church can share the hope of Christ with this creative and talented group of people. Full Story »


DALLAS – When Texas Baptists and faith-based groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area joined forces to unite in the fight against hunger, the results were “outstanding and inspirational,” said Karla Dechavez, development coordinator at the North Texas Food Bank. Full Story »


For Scott Erickson, art is not just something he creates. It is his lifeblood. It is his spiritual act of worship.

Six years ago, Scott, a Christ following artist living in Seattle, was approached by a friend, Pastor Chris Seay of Ecclesia Church in Houston. Full Story »


When the beginning began, the canvas of the earth was formless: blank and silent. The Creator, lavish in imagination, steps to the threshold. Full Story »