DALLAS – The Baptist General Convention of Texas has tapped Bill Tillman, T. B. Maston Professor of Christian Ethics at Logsdon Seminary, to lead its theological education efforts. Full Story »


In Hebrews 12:1-3, Paul encourages believers to run the race set out for them. He reminds believers of the numerous witnesses that precede them. Many of the witnesses are listed in chapter 11. Full Story »


SAN ANTONIO – At Bernard’s Creole Kitchen on the Baptist University of the Americas campus, food is for sale, but second chances are plentiful and free of charge. Full Story »


DALLAS – Texas Baptist Men is preparing to serve in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

TBM has received two requests to serve in North Carolina and believes it will be called upon to minister in Vermont as well, said Dick Talley, TBM’s logistics coordinator. TBM is waiting for more information about what kind of units will need to be disbursed where. Full Story »

You watch as a soldier gets off the plane. You wonder where he is returning from and if it was somewhere he wants to forget.

He gets back to base and tries to get back into the routine. But that’s all it is… routine. He misses home. Where things made sense. Where he could nap on that old plaid couch (at least until dad let the dog in), drink a cup of good coffee and maybe, if he asked nicely, Mom would still make him his favorite cookies. Full Story »

Beckoning Boomers

BECKONING THE BOOMERS - conference to be held on the Baylor Campus – Sept. 8-9, 2011.

Are you trying to figure out how to most effectively reach the rising tide of baby boomers who are moving into their senior years? I’m sure you’ve figured out they do not want to be identified with the term “SENIOR ADULTS” or attend any “SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY” functions. Full Story »

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We have created a program called Hope 1:8 Weekends in which we take the focus of Acts 1:8 to our churches. What is the mission of God for your church? Hope 1:8 Weekends can help us look inside our churches (the people, resources, gifts, skills, and passions) at what God has already placed there. It can help us answer the question, “What do we have that people around us need?” Full Story »