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Hope 1:8 Weekends

August 26th, 2011 at 11:19 am

We have created a program called Hope 1:8 Weekends in which we take the focus of Acts 1:8 to our churches. What is the mission of God for your church? Hope 1:8 Weekends can help us look inside our churches (the people, resources, gifts, skills, and passions) at what God has already placed there. It can help us answer the question, “What do we have that people around us need?”

We pray that we then can move outside our walls using our church’s unique strengths to impact our communities, state, nation, and world. We must remember that people from the most unreached parts of the world are moving into cities (including ours). We have an opportunity for everyone in our churches to have a more active role in missions. God has a unique and strategic plan for our churches, to reach every tribe and language, and to accomplish His purpose in our world. God calls us to go, from the inside of our churches to our neighborhoods and nations. With Hope 1:8 Weekends we hope to Encourage, Partner, or Start a mission’s emphasis and lend a hand so that our churches can connect Gods’ mission to His Kingdom… bringing hope to everyone.

For more information on how your church can be a part of Hope 1:8 Weekends please contact:

Fernando Hill
Phone: 469.766.3628

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