Texas Baptists harness artificial intelligence to spread the hope of Christ

August 8th, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Throughout the history of humanity, two factors repeatedly have hindered the spread of the gospel – culture and language. Thanks to a new cutting-edge technology, one of those will be shattered in the most significant way since Pentecost.

Through a partnership with Need Him Ministries, Texas Baptists have the unique opportunity to pioneer the use of ABBY, an extremely advanced artificial intelligence translation platform that translates what people type in real time, allowing cross-language conversations about spiritual matter to take place across the globe.

Called Hope Chat – – ABBY empowers believers to share the hope of Christ with seekers worldwide. ABBY accurately translates words in the 28 languages spoken by 95 percent of humanity, taking into account culture and colloquiums.

Already, some Texas Baptists have been trained to respond to people via this simple-to-use platform and people are coming to Christ. Individuals facing crises have come to the sight. People with spiritual questions have come to the site. People seeking Christ have come to the site. And more people will come.

So how do you get involved?

Simple. Call one of Texas Baptists’ staff members at 888-244-9400, and they will arrange for you to be trained on the platform. We want each user to be comfortable using the software. We want each user to be prepared to respond to those looking for the hope of Christ. After taking the training, you’re ready to go. Simply log in and wait for someone to come to the site. Visitors are hitting the site around the clock.

With the help of ABBY, we can follow the mandate of Christ in Acts 1:8.

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Cooper says:

    Do you have the ability to translate into Arabic–??
    I have two groups, Iraq, and Sudan, I communicate with regularly, but
    the common language for many is not tribal but Arabic,

    Blessings Continue

  2. John Hall John Hall says:

    Mr. Cooper, it does have the ability to translate into Arabic and out of Arabic and into English. If you’d like more information, contact Scott Willingham at

  3. Haydee Genlot says:

    It is Internet communication or, a specific site by Internet. Could I format dialogue or presentation by U-Tube using English to Arabic, to Chinese,Spanish,French or Russian language. Thanks for answering me.

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