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A report from Honduras

September 21st, 2011 at 11:24 am

We are excited to report the salvation of nine people this month, two baptisms and the start of two new house churches.

A team came from Texas this month. This was the first extreme team to come to Gracias. Three stayed at Matraras de la Campa with a local pastor and a translator and journeyed into the mountains to take solar powered radios to several remote villages. (The solar powered radios were pre-programmed to our radio station, Rio de Dios.) The team also led worship services and shared the Gospel in the villages they hiked to. They led four people to Christ and baptized one.

While the extreme team was hiking in the mountains we made visits to several house churches. We saw five people come to Christ and made a first time visit to start a new house church.

We have also been busy growing our house churches and preparing for IMPACT 2011, an Evangelistic Crusade this month. The highlight of this month was my first message in Spanish. I have been preaching each week in both Spanish and English. However, this past week I went to bible study without an interpreter. I preached my first message in Spanish. It reminded me of my first message I spoke in High School. The message was short, I wanted to say so much more, but did not have the words. It was a great confidence booster for me.

On the last Saturday of each month we host a pastor’s training day. This month, I got to teach an introduction to the New Testament. We are hoping this will lead to the development of an education program for our pastors. Pastors will be able to choose classes and after completion of a number of classes they will be able to earn diplomas.

Finally, we are excited about starting a house church in our home. Each week we are going to cook dinner for the other American teachers and have a bible study at our house for them.

-Walter Justl

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