Western Heritage cowboy

Good News from Church Starting: Cowboy Churches approved at MFG for September:

    Sabine County Cowboy Church of Pineland & Corsicana Cowboy Church of Corsicana

Good News from the Cowboy Churches:

    Kings Trail Cowboy Church in Van Alstyne will be moving into their new buildings on Sunday, October. We rejoice with Pastor Jason Norton and King’s Trail Family.
    One year ago in August Faith Temple Baptist Church of Irving “rebranded their church as a Western Heritage Church. The new name of the church is called “Western Heritage Church of Irving” The church is located in a transitional area of Irving and weekly attendance had gone to 18. Since the “rebranding” the church has grown to a weekly attendance of 100. Sunday, August 28, which was the first anniversary of their rebranding service, they had 144 in attendance. The church is trying to buy 3 more acres next door so they can build an arena. We rejoice with Pastor Jodi Nichols, and the folks at the Irving Church.
    Sabine County Cowboy Church of Pineland is a new church start that has some amazing blessings. They had donated 14 acres of land with a house. They have also had a building donated that will be placed on that land. We rejoice with Pastor Timmy and the folks at this new church start.
    I want to commend the folks at Cowboy Church of the Hill Country; Lost Pines Cowboy Church in Elgin; Gulf Plains Cowboy Church in Robstown; Magnolia Cowboy Church in Magnolia; Leon County Cowboy Church and probably some Cowboy Churches that I do not know of that helped in rescuing and taking care of livestock in the fire damaged areas.
    First Baptist Church of Caldwell and First Baptist Church of Woodville both want to start new Cowboy Churches in their areas. If you know of pastor that is looking to be a Cowboy.
    Jim Copeland from Alabama is new pastor at the Rope, Catch and Ride for Christ Cowboy Church in Mabank.
Mary Hill Davis

We are talking about Mary Hill Davis State Missions Offering. We are asking you to place a boot out on Sunday, October 2 (or any Sunday in October) and ask the people to give to State Missions. Why?

Funds from the Mary Hill Davis State Missions Offering will help support new church starts; provide funds for evangelistic presence at stock show rodeo events ; help Cowboy Churches to have an evangelistic rodeo event; help the AFCC fund the Ranch House School of Church Planting outside Texas. This offering also has provided the funds to help with the Annual AFCC Ranch Rodeo Championship.


PAIGE – Timberline Fellowship lost its office supplies, pastor’s library and lawn equipment when wildfires burned two small mobile buildings. Some of the siding on its Sunday School building and sanctuary also melted and smoke damaged the parsonage and church buildings. Full Story »

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WACO – A public policy expert told community ministry leaders the keys to being affective advocates with lawmakers are to define the problems that need addressing, to research the issues and to build coalitions with others who care about the issue. Full Story »


WACO — Children are not doing well in Texas, at least many are not. That’s the picture painted by Francis Deviney during the “No Need Among You” conference Friday, Sept. 16, in Waco. Full Story »

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WACO – Growing up in the South Bronx projects, Alexie Torres-Flemming was surrounded by difficulty. Roughly half the residents there were impoverished. Thirty percent of men were unemployed. By her own description, people would have described her as “at-risk” – of becoming pregnant as a teen, of dropping out, of any number of actions. Full Story »


The ISAAC Project is pleased to announce the second edition of our Guidebook for Starting an Immigration Service Ministry(pdf) .  The first edition was posted on our website in 2008, and although there have not been many changes in the process for recognition and accreditation, it was time for an updated version.

The main update has to do with Form EOIR-31, a federal two-page document that is required to start the application process.  The Executive Office for Immigration Review had modified this form since late 2009.  It consists of eight questions that have to be answered thoroughly by those churches and religious non-profits interested in starting immigration service ministries.  The 2011 edition of our guidebook includes a new section that provides guidance and much practical advice on every single one of those questions.

The guidebook also includes helpful links to facilitate the submission of accreditation/recognition materials and supporting documents to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, to the local Chief Counsel for Immigration Customs and Enforcement and the local USCIS District Director.  Other minor changes were made in order to make the guidebook a bit more reader-friendly.  We hope that the process will seem easier to those churches and religious non-profit organizations that wish to become federally accredited and recognized.

As the number of notarios and scammers continues to increase and many in the immigrant community continue to be preyed upon by them, this type of ministry is becoming imperative.  Being recognized and accredited by the Federal government allows churches to contribute to the well being of the immigrant community in at least two ways: by offering legal services in a safe and compassionate environment, and by educating both the immigrants and the general public about immigration law issues and developments.