hope ignited through amarillo

AMARILLO – Sparks of hope spread from the Amarillo Civic Center Tuesday morning as Texas Baptists participated in 12 mission endeavors across the city, taking the message of Christ to places like a community center, children’s field day, high school lunch and college campus. Full Story »


AMARILLO – Donning their cowboy boots and hats, members of two local cowboy churches mounted their horses and proudly rode into the arena on the south side of the city during the Panhandle Cowboy Church Ranch Rodeo finals. They did this not only for the love of the competition, but also from the desire to see their neighbors and fellow ranchers know the love of Christ. Full Story »


AMARILLO – “It is absolutely impossible to fire a canon from a canoe,” Milfred Minatrea told Texas Baptists at the Monday evening session of the Baptist General Convention of Texas Annual Meeting. Full Story »


AMARILLO – James Hassell, pastor of preaching and pastoral care at Agape Baptist Church in Fort Worth, preached the Baptist General Convention of Texas Annual Meeting sermon Monday afternoon, speaking on hope, motivation and the glory of God. His text was Colossians 3:12-17. Full Story »


AMARILLO – Victor Rodriguez, president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, emphasized the importance of heeding God’s call while addressing the evangelistic mission and future of Texas Baptists during the group’s annual meeting Oct. 24. Full Story »

BGCT proposes model

AMARILLO – Charles Higgs, Texas Baptists director of Western Heritage ministries, has worked with the BGCT for the past six years, facilitating the starting of cowboy churches around the state. In that time, the number of cowboy church congregations has grown from 55 to 181 throughout Texas. Full Story »


AMARILLO –The power of the Holy Spirit moves throughout the world, changing hearts and transforming lives. And God carries out His purpose while working through His people, said Larry Rhea during the African American Fellowship rally, held prior to Texas Baptists’ annual meeting held Oct. 24-26 in Amarillo. Full Story »