be heroes for texans

Vernon: ‘Be heroes for Texans’

October 26th, 2011 at 3:16 am

AMARILLO – When Brandon Wright crashed his motorcycle into a car pulling out of a Logan, Utah parking lot, he became wedged under the car before it and Wright’s motorcycle caught fire. Seeing the incident, a few people rushed to his aid but couldn’t pull him out. They tried to lift the car off him but couldn’t.

People ran and brought other bystanders to help. They tried again to lift the car. This time they succeeded. As the group held up the car, one person pulled Wright out, saving his life.

Steve Vernon, Texas Baptists associate executive director, called the people’s action heroic. They saw Wright’s hopeless situation and responded together with all their individual strengths to successfully help a person in need.

Texas Baptists face a similar situation, Vernon shared. Twelve million Texans have no hope. They are not connected to any church and do not have a relationship with Christ. Someone needs to step up and introduce them to the hope of Christ.

“I would challenge you in this report to be heroes for Texans,” Vernon said.

No single Texas Baptist or Texas Baptist church can share the hope of Christ with all 12 million non-Christians in the state, Vernon said. God calls His followers to minister in their spheres of influence. God’s Acts 1:8 mandate calls Christians to minister in expanding circles locally, regionally and to the ends of the world.

If each Christian will attempt to live out that calling, together – like the bystanders in Utah who cooperated to save Wright’s life – they can have a significant impact expanding God’s kingdom such as sharing the gospel with 12 million Texans.

It wouldn’t be the first time a group of people accomplished a task so large, Vernon noted. By intensely discipling them, Jesus turned 12 ordinary people into powerful instruments for sharing a message that changed the globe. God worked through their lives to change the lives of others.

\God is honoring Texas Baptists faithful efforts, Vernon said. Through cooperation, Texas Baptists are ministering in 51 languages across the state. They are supporting 146 campus missionaries on 118 campuses. They help fund hospitals that care for 2 million people annually.

By working together, the more than 5,500 Texas Baptist churches with more than 2 million members can deliver the saving message of Christ. Cooperation is key to accomplishing something dramatic. Just like in Logan, Utah.

“One guy couldn’t do it,” Vernon said of amazing rescue. “Five guys couldn’t do it. When the whole group got together, they saved the guy’s life.”

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