Brother Amaya shares how God always keeps His word

December 29th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger provides funds to purchase food for the hungry and to help people escape from poverty. The Offering functions as a network of care connecting resources from individuals, churches and organizations with ministries that provide critical hunger and poverty relief and development services.  The following post is a reflection from an individual impacted by a ministry funded by this Offering. To search for similar mission opportunities to get involved in go to

Blessed brothers and sisters in Christ, my name is Hector Amaya but I am better known as Brother Amaya.  I will share the following in regards to the Goddard Christian Care Center.

I have been going to the Care Center for some time now, and every time that I go my faith increases and my spirit rejoices. Why? Because I get to see my Christian brothers and sisters doing what they voluntarily do for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus.

I see the patience they have with all of the people talking and moving around.  I see their patience with the noisy lovable children. their caring love for others and their dedication to what they do. I don’t think they would do all of that without the Love of God.

While I wait in line for the center to open, I have a chance to give glory to God by witnessing and sharing my testimony with others outside.  So I am thankful to God for the Care Center and the members of the Body of Christ that I have met there.

Here is a small part of the testimony that I am able to share:

In 1965-1966 I was transferred from the Texas State Prison to New Mexico to due to four Federal Counts for violation of the Federal Narcotic Law. This carried 80 years without parole if convicted.  During this period of my life my name came up on God’s agenda and I fell to my knees in prayer with tears rolling down my face. Why? I didn’t know then but I know now. I had made many promises to God in my past that I never kept. Maybe it was because they came from my lips but not from my heart.  In that moment I knew that what was coming out of me was coming from my heart because with tears in my eyes I said, “God, if I am going to keep living for the devil don’t wake me up in the morning. But if you can do something with my life then let me wake up.” With that I went to bed.

In Job 33:14-15 we are told that God does speak to us in dreams. That night I had a dream and I was lying dead in a coffin.  My mother, sister and wife were standing next to my coffin.  I got up from the coffin and stood next to my mother.

“Look mother, I am standing here nest to you and I am dead in the coffin.  There are two of me,” I said to her.

“Son, that,” she said pointing to the coffin, “is the old life that is going to be buried forever and this,” she said pointing to me standing next to her, “is the new life that God has granted you.” Then I woke up.

We know that God always keeps His word. In 1989, after many trials and tribulations, God kept His word to me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I have been serving Him ever since.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

In His Service,
Brother Amaya

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