where are they

Where are they?

December 15th, 2011 at 8:37 am

To be involved in ministry for the elderly and homebound, you first have to find them. So how do you make that happen? Here are a few ideas to get you connected to the elderly in your community.

If you are connected to a church, speak with the education minister or head of the deacons and ask for a list of homebound members or senior adults who may need help with daily tasks or just need some encouragement on lonely days. Most churches keep lists of members who are no longer able to attend services or onsite Bible studies.

Another way is to connect with organizations established to assist this group in the state. One such way is connecting with your local Meals on Wheels organization. Daily, this organization connects with thousands of volunteers to take meals to senior adults who need a helping hand. Because of the nature of the organization, the leadership will have a good idea of ways to help the elderly around them.

Other businesses that may be able to connect you to the elderly in the community are home health care agencies. Typically employees of these agencies are visiting the homes of the elderly weekly to aid them in their health struggles or day-to-day needs.  Though these agencies may not be able to share detailed information with you due to medical privacy laws, they could share about general needs they see and give ideas for helping the broader elderly community.

The Area Agencies on Aging are also places to connect with volunteer and social service opportunities for the elderly and to find out the best ways to connect with them. A directory of Texas aging agencies can be found here.

Nursing homes and assisted living centers are completely focused on meeting the needs of the elderly in the community and also are a great place to get connected. Look in your local phonebook and online for nursing homes in your community or take a drive through your city, keeping your eyes open for nursing home facilities. Most centers have volunteer directors ready to help the community connect with the residents and bring them friendship and cheer.

Most communities have senior citizens’ centers, giving older adults a gathering place to connect with social services and activities they might enjoy. Though many seniors who participate in these centers are still quite mobile, they may be connected to others in the community who are more elderly and in need of home visits and volunteer assistance.

As you are looking for places to connect with the elderly, pray that the Lord will bring you people of peace who can introduce you to the elderly community or help open avenues of trust where you will be able to build friendships and minister to their needs. He’s a big God, and if He’s laid elderly ministry on your heart, He will direct you to the people He wants you to love and encourage.



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