weird church fort worth

Stained glass is created from pieces of broken glass that have been colored and placed together to form a beautiful mosaic. This also can happen to people, to generations, broken and colored their society.

The Millennial Generation, anyone born between 1980 and 2000, is a unique, talented and tech-savvy generation. Dominating the young adult scene and claiming the title for America’s largest generation, Millennials are learners. They are relational, and they are quite spiritual. However, many are not connected to the Church.

In Adam Hardy’s short film, the winning entry for the Texas Baptists Millennial Video Contest, he depicts a stained glass situation of Millennials and other generations encountering each other within the Church and one way this gap can be closed.

Adam is a senior at Howard Payne University where he is majoring in International Studies and Biblical Languages. He is an aspiring screenwriter and director of JusticeFilms and has spent a significant portion of his college career serving as a staffer with the Institute for Cultural Communicators, where he trained multiple traveling teams and wrote and directed several stage productions, including an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce.” He is excited to transfer his experience into the arena of film, where he hopes to continue to create films that are raw and truth-filled.