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In Sept. 2011, wildfires burned more than 34,000 acres in Bastrop, Texas. For Spring Break 2012, more than 180 Texas Baptist volunteers descended on the area to help victims, continuing on-going ministry in the area.


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One day traumatically changed Haley’s life, sending her in a hurtful direction and separating her from her parents. See how Exodus Ministries, an outreach supported by the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger, is helping Haley re-launch her life as she and her family grow closer together daily.


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We’ve all lost something – keys, homework, an important document. It’s frustrating when it happens, and we search high and low until that item is found. But what about when we lose sight of God’s call, His mission of seeking out the lost, those who don’t know about His grace and opportunity for a restored relationship?

Every day in Texas, more than 11 million people go about their daily lives searching for something to fulfill them. They’re running after good jobs, nice houses, college degrees, fancy cars, relaxing vacations and family time – anything they think will make them happy and fulfilled. Will you seek out these people? Will you take the message of hope to those who are lost in the ways and worries of this life and help them find ultimate love, acceptance and fulfillment in Christ? More »

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Norma Sanchez was a woman of the streets. She was a prostitute. A drug user. She had no interest in Christianity.

That didn’t stop a friend from asking her to come to church. No matter how many times Norma said no, her friend continued asking, believing Christ could radically change Norma’s life.


A member of Under Over Fellowship in Conroe, Texas, Todd Howard picks up furniture from the side of the road and restores it. Just like God restored his life.

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Under Over Fellowship in Conroe, Texas attempts to model the gospel in all it does. Whether it be discarded furniture or people, the congregation sees value where other individuals don’t. Together, the congregation nurtures its members, helping each of them discover the God-given worth each of them has and allowing that to transform their lives.

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