A Word from Suzii – March 2012

March 29th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

For the past twelve years, Carrie Beaird has led the Christian Life Commission’s substance abuse ministry.  As she departs now to pursue new dimensions of her private professional counseling practice, we remember and celebrate Carrie’s good work with us.  Carrie came to the CLC in 2000 after fourteen years of service as a campus minister with Baptist Student Ministry (BSM).  Feeling called to a new direction in ministry, Carrie left the BSM staff to earn a Master’s degree in counseling from Amber University and to complete requirements for her LPC and LCDC credentials.

While continuing her own private practice, Carrie has spent her time with the CLC developing important new church-based prevention and recovery initiatives.  Convinced that the local church is a prime setting for preventing drug and alcohol abuse and for ministering to abusers, Carrie has developed an online age-graded prevention curriculum for adolescents, conducted and facilitated a multitude of training events for church-based ministries, and incessantly encouraged churches to link their efforts to regional and state-wide emphases.  Through a network of contacts around the state, Carrie identified quality treatment facilities and responded to countless calls from churches and individuals requesting help for individuals suffering from addiction.  As we wish Carrie well in this new chapter of her life, we will miss her energetic leadership at the Christian Life Commission.

I sat down with Carrie and asked her to share some of her experience with us at the Christian Life Commission.

Suzii: What are some of your favorite memories working with the Christian Life Commission and with the substance abuse ministry?

Carrie: One of my most favorite memories was when Cope Moyers spoke at the annual conference. I also loved using multi-media – DVD, podcasting, web stream, Facebook and much more — to get the word out about recovery and substance abuse ministry. Of course, I have wonderful memories of the relationships I’ve formed with CLC staff, other folks in our building and pastors who were all supportive of substance abuse ministry.

Suzii: How has the substance abuse ministry grown under your leadership?

Carrie: The ministry was “birthed” 12 years ago and has grown to include churches all across the state who have a substance abuse ministry through our partners, including Celebrate Recovery, Faith Partners, AA, or just using the Life Recovery Bible. Texas Baptists are now invited to be a part of the conversation for state organizations and planning for special events and Red Ribbon Week and Recovery Sunday.

Suzii: How have you grown through the substance abuse ministry?

Carrie: The ministry at CLC has always provided me with an outlet to “do something” proactively about the issue of substance abuse.  So many times, I see the heart break of substance abuse in my clients’ lives.  Working for CLC gave me the opportunity to do something about an issue and really focus on prevention.

Suzii: How have you seen Christ work through the substance abuse ministry?

Carrie: I have truly seen Christ at work in the substance abuse ministry through changed lives and stories along the way of people not feeling so lonely in their journey to recovery.

Suzii: We will miss you immensely at the Christian Life Commission, but we know many great things lie ahead. Tell me a bit about what you will be doing in the coming months?

Carrie: I will be busy with my private practice, for God has blessed with clients and new opportunities.  I’m currently also helping with a new church start in North Dallas and am looking forward to going to Africa in June on a mission trip.

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  1. Jana Jackson says:

    Carrie’s ministry has been a great blessing to our association. The resources she provided helped many of our churches reach out to people with substance abuse problems. It’s been a privilege for me to learn from her for the past 12 years. We’ll miss you!

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