UNT Spring Break mission trip to the University of Houston

March 29th, 2012 at 3:52 pm

This year, UNT (the University of North Texas) decided to move their Spring break back a week. This gave us [in the Baptist Student Ministry at UNT] the chance to go to the University of Houston to do missions there.

Most of our time on campus was spent prayer walking and doing spiritual surveys. While doing these, we would walk around campus, trying not to get lost, and ask people if we could pray for them and ask them a few questions.

Some of the questions we asked were: What is the point of religion? What is the difference between religion and spirituality? What do you look for in a religion? These opened many doors to have good conversations that pointed [people] to the cross.

One guy on our trip had the privilege of explaining the gospel to a Chinese student for the first time. My partner for the day and I also talked to a man who believed all religions are part of one true religion. We discussed how the Bible is the truth, not part of a larger truth. He said multiple times in the conversation that the point of religion is to inspire. When we asked if we could pray for him, he replied, “No. I’ve already been inspired today.” We pray that God continues to inspire him.

While there, we also helped with the UofH BSM free lunch, passed out sandwiches on campus and went to their international ministry.

Everyone is told constantly you don’t have to go somewhere to do missions. By going to another college campus we were reminded of this. It showed us just how easy it can be to start up conversations that end in sharing the gospel. The trip encouraged us to share our faith more boldly on our own campus. I’m excited to see how we use what God taught us at the University of Houston on our own campus of University of North Texas.

Written by Brie Meegan

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