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Faith in Action 2012, First Baptist Vernon

May 1st, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Faith in Action remains a priority for First Baptist Vernon. Even though the church is currently without a Pastor, the church chose to be obedient to the call of God and meet needs in the community for the 6th year. Ironically some of the needs met involved some of their own church members.

This year’s projects included: Prayer Team, Lawn Care, Construction, Meals Home Delivery, Nursing Home Ministry, Visitation, Children in the Park, Nursery, Pancake Breakfast and the Food Team. Faith in Action 2012 began bright and early on the morning of April 28th, a Saturday with over 200 people scattered across the city to be the presence of Christ to their neighbor.

The Meals Home Delivery Team delivered a total of 138 meals to Meals on Wheels recipients as well as to some of First Baptist Vernon’s homebound church members. Children accompanied their parents on this mission trip as they learned an important lesson that Christ calls the church to also care for those that are sick and shut-in and aren’t seen in church each Sunday. A total of 21 church members equipped with lawn equipment tackled 14 projects from small lawns of elderly church members, to families of children, to a very large job of mowing a field. Most of these projects were completed before lunch time thanks to the hard work of this team. 17 Church Members made up the Construction Team which took on 4 projects. The projects included building a wheel chair ramp and deck, building and painting walkway ramps and installing doorknobs. After a walkway ramp was complete the homeowner said, “Now I’m free, I can go to United (a local grocery store)”.

The Visitation Team involved 38 church members who were split into 19 teams of two and they visited a total of 240 homes on Saturday. They recorded 97 homes where a good meaningful visit took place and most of those had no church home or church affiliation. The Prayer Team was made up of 85 church members who began their assignment of bathing the Faith In Action in prayer 8 weeks prior to the Faith in Action Saturday. This team organized prayer baskets for the Sunday School classrooms, prayer guides which were distributed to church members two weeks prior to the Faith in Action Sunday. They also prayer walked the streets of Vernon praying over the city and praying for each Faith in Action project. The Children in the Park recorded a total of 40 workers, 37 children and 13 parents who had a great time with games, children activities, food and fun in the park. This project targeted prospective children in the neighborhood that might become participants in the Children’s Ministry and fill the reconstructed Children’s Building of First Baptist Vernon. The project was considered a huge success!

The Food Team made up of 21 women began preparation for this big day on Friday night. They prepared food for 400 people. Lunches were assembled with love and given to the Home Delivery Team for delivery. The Food team was also responsible for feeding all participants of Faith in Action on Saturday. Thanks to them participants were well nourished as they carried out their assignments. Nine women and the Youth of First Vernon made up the Nursery Team and took care of the small children of the church as their parents served the community. This was a very important assignment that often goes overlooked. Thank you Nursery Team for your service which allowed others to serve. The Pancake Breakfast Team swung into action Sunday morning and was made up of 17 adults and 6 youth. Each family that was visited or where a project was completed on Saturday was invited to this Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast. The Pancake Team was in charge of preparing breakfast for the church family and the invited guest. They did a fabulous job and the breakfast was great!

Praise the Lord for another successful Faith in Action to the city of Vernon, Texas. First Baptist Vernon celebrated the success of the day and worshiped the Lord in a Celebration Service during the 11 o’clock Worship Service on Sunday at First Baptist Vernon. Dr. Wayne Shuffied, Evangelism and Missions Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas was the guest speaker. Dr. Shuffield also participated in the projects on Saturday and it should be noted that he too “got dirty “ as First Baptist Vernon completed their 6th Faith In Action Weekend. Praise God and thank you First Baptist Vernon for being obedient to the call of God to Love Thy Neighbor.

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