Manu at Ruth School in Bucharest, Romania

Manu is grateful for a daily meal at school.

Meet Manu! He is a 4th grader attending the Ruth School in Bucharest, Romania, which receives funds from the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. Manu is a young Roma (Gypsy) who is getting a second chance at education after public education failed him due to discrimination.

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Virginia Connally - Distinguished Service Award

The Hebrew song “Dayenu,” sung during the Jewish Passover meal, translates “it would have been enough…” and refers over and over to God’s generosity because of His love for us. A couple of the more than 15 verses say, “If He had taken us out of slavery and had not smashed their chariots, it would have been enough. If He had smashed their chariots but not delivered us through the Red Sea, it would have been enough….”

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Texas Food Policy Roundtable

The Texas Food Policy Roundtable (TFPR) is a broadly based group of statewide leaders who have joined together to develop, coordinate, and improve the implementation of food policy to address hunger and promote equitable, sustainable, and healthy foods in Texas. The Christian Life Commission is a founding organization of the Roundtable and has played a vital role in the Roundtable in bringing in the voice of the faith community at the Capitol.

The TFPR focuses on these primary issue areas of food policy:

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Bowl of Soup Served

Feed Our Neighbors, As We Feed Ourselves

“Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:15-17

These verses can serve as a great reminder of our call to actively live out faith in many aspects of our lives, beyond simply feeding and clothing our brothers and sisters. However, we too must recognize that ensuring our neighbor has enough to eat is not an act unique to the day of James, and we too are called to be a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ (James 1:1) in feeding those in our community.

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Daughter and  father

DALLAS – International adoptions through Buckner International remain constant while international adoptions worldwide have fallen to their lowest numbers since 1996. Full Story »

God_s Miracle 1

CIUDAD RIO BRAVO, Mexico – Pedro Munoz sees God working in the organic congregations he’s helped start. People are accepting Christ. Families are being reunited. Students are becoming agents of peace in their schools. Full Story »

mexico violence

When I was growing up, I woke up early every day. Even now, I still wake up on my own most days. But every so often, I sleep until my alarm goes off. Those repeated sirens pierce the quiet comfort of my slumber and force me to make a wake up.

In much the same way as my alarm pushes me to decide whether to get out of bed or attempt to continue sleeping, the flow of media stories about drug cartel-related violence serve as alerts in my inbox and on my television screen. One of the most recent articles describes nine bodies hung from an overpass in Nuevo Laredo. Twenty-three total people were found dead. Full Story »