First Hispanic Convention student missions team serves NYC

August 29th, 2012 at 1:29 pm

South Plains College student Josh Silva was frustrated. His grades were falling. In desperation, he prayed a simple prayer.

“God, whatever you’d like to do with my life, do it,” he said. “Just take control.”

The next day Texas Baptists’ student missions program, Go Now Missions, called and asked if he’d be interested in being a missionary this summer. A short time later, Silva was a member of the first Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas student mission team through Go Now Missions.

The first team – which would be followed by two other teams serving in other locales – ministered in New York City.  Team members helped a Hispanic church there with a variety of projects, including visiting homes, Vacation Bible School, puppet shows and putting down new flooring.

“It was a blessing,” he said. “It got me closer to God. Now, I want to do something in that field.”

Abby Villagrana, a Dallas Baptist University Student who also participated in the trip, was amazed to see the diversity of New York City. She encountered people from around the globe.

She also encountered people who needed to hear the gospel. Throughout its time in New York City, the team sought to share the hope of Christ with people around them. Some people accepted Christ as their Lord.

Hispanic Baptist Convention President Jesse Rincones praised the students for their willingness to be obedient to God’s call in their lives.

“In a historic moment in 1930, the first Convención missionary was elected to work with the mission field of Hispanics in Texas,” he said. “It is another historic milestone to have Convención Hispanic students embarking in missionary efforts in Texas and beyond. We are excited that young Hispanic Baptist Texans are making a kingdom impact on our world.”

Silva and Villagrana are honored to be among the first student missionaries from the Hispanic Convention. All the convention’s teams were prayed over during the group’s annual meeting in San Antonio. The New York City team left the next day. Both students hope Hispanic students continue participating in mission trips through Go Now.

“I would encourage our Hispanic community to do that,” Villagrana said. “We are all called to do that.”

For more information about Go Now Missions, visit www.gonowmissions.com or call (888) 288-1853.

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