Outreach Cotulla

August 29th, 2012 at 1:23 pm

We had a great week, in spite of a setback – the church we invited to work with us had to cancel. Our youth and adults rallied together to get the work done. God answered our prayer by having the youth from FBC Charlotte come to work with us in the park for one day. That was a huge boost.

The community leaders were open to our working in the parks, even offering and buying all the paint we would need. One of them even helped us paint. Another local hardware store donated the painting supplies. We were unable to complete all we had set out to do, but we did get a lot accomplished. Many in the community have noticed the improvements.

In the afternoon we were able to hand out 750 bags (with an Oil Patch Bible, Greatest Discovery tract, writing pad, pen, FBC Cotulla info and homemade chocolate chip cookies) to oilfield workers in RV trailers. The response was great! One lady called the church thanking us for the gift. Another man received his bag, pulled out the Bible and began to read it. On Wednesday night, a couple came to join us for supper and prayer meeting (they had their Oil Patch Bible with them). And we have heard many more stories of how much people have appreciated the gift and what a great work that was.

Each evening, the youth and adults went out into the streets of Cotulla prayer walking. We were able to meet several people, talk with them and share with them what we were doing. In some cases, we even prayed with them. Many commented on what a great thing we were doing.

Friday night we held our community block party in a city plaza. A Christian band from Primera Iglesia Fellowship in Cotulla played. A puppet team from Hosanna Baptist Tabernacle in Leming came to put on a puppet show and dance routine, all playing to Christian music. Hotdogs and buns (donated by HEB) were given out for free, as were snow cones, popcorn and cold bottled water.

We counted a good group at the plaza, as well as all the people in their homes hearing the music. Many people drove around the park, curious as to what was going on. One mother asked if we could pick up her son for Sunday school. We could and he has been attending Sunday School since then.

Because of the outreach, we have seen more oilfield workers in attendance at Sunday school and worship, and new workers have started coming to the men’s Monday night Bible Study. We keep hearing stories from around town of the bags and how much they were appreciated. We don’t know what else God will do with this community project, but we are asking Him to keep doing what He wants to do.

By Loren Fast, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Cotulla

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