Trips without a plan, but plenty of guidance from above

August 28th, 2012 at 10:12 am

Every other year, students from Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston take a mission trip without a plan. But there’s plenty of guidance from above. Jerome Smith, student ministry coordinator at Tallowood Baptist Church, has led two trips that he calls “Luke 10 Missions.” It’s a mission trip that is not planned but led entirely by the Holy Spirit.

In order to participate in the trips, students must apply and attend five months of training, during which students meet consistently with their team to pray over a map of the United States, read Luke 10, memorize Ephesians 6:10-20 and receive training on the Holy Spirit. When it is time for the trip, teams load up in vans with no particular destination or route to get there but where they sense the Holy Spirit calling them to serve.

Knowing that the majority of people in the church say they do not hear from the Holy Spirit, Smith seeks to provide his students with an opportunity to actively seek God’s voice and respond to it.

“I want the Bible, the Word, to come alive for them,” Smith said.

John Kaminski, an upcoming senior, attended the Luke 10 Missions trip last summer. Kaminski’s group ended up in Joplin, Mo., working at a Salvation Army only after the group made an unplanned route change taking them the long way to Joplin.

While eating at a McDonald’s for lunch, Kaminski and his team felt that the Holy Spirit was leading them to pray for the workers. Nervous but determined to follow the Spirit, the group prayed for the workers.

A couple of days later, Kaminski remembered a specific girl who worked at the McDonald’s, and he felt the Spirit telling him she was the reason they took the long route to Joplin.

“My knowledge of the Holy Spirit and how it works grew tremendously,” Kaminski said. “It strengthened my courage to pray in awkward situations and praying in dark places.”

Kaminski knows there will be times when it feels as though the Holy Spirit isn’t leading him, but he is confident, knowing it will strengthen him as long as he prays to the Lord with a sincere and completely open heart.

Courtney Wilmoth, News Intern

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