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Hope in Frisco

October 12th, 2012 at 6:00 am

For the Sunday school members who meet in Room 214 each week at First Baptist Church in Frisco, living out the hope of Christ is a natural part of what they do. This tangible hope touched the lives of the Franklins, who in turn shared with Pastor Chuck Martin a glimpse of the way God is working in their lives. The following letter was shared with Pastor Martin a few days after the Franklins attended Sunday school for the first time.

Dear Dr. Martin,

I did want to tell you about our experience we had Sunday morning. We decided that we needed to start going to church the full two hours Sunday morning. I mean, how can I ask this of my children if I am not willing to do the same thing?

I saw there were two classes offered at 9:30 for parents of elementary students.  I was very nervous to attend one of these classes. You see, I believe in God but do not know him like I should. I was scared I would be lost in the class, knowing I would never be able to answer or know the question that might have been asked.

It was not at all like that. I was the first one in the classroom. I was made to feel very welcomed and put to ease right away. I was shocked when some of our close friends joined us for church this week, not only for your service but also for our morning class as well. We are very blessed to have friends that can support us not only emotionally but spiritually as well (we have been missing the second one way too long). 

The class continued and I loved the way we broke down into groups and talked/learned together. Like I knew would happen, I was unable to answer questions asked. I was not really embarrassed, but wanted to learn and know more. When it was time to ask the class if there were any prayer requests, I asked for one for my mother. She has been in the hospital for almost two months and I have been struggling with that. More names were added to the list, and then I noticed I had raised my hand again.

This time I asked for my name to be added to the list. I told them I needed forgiveness and faith…(you do not know this, but I have really never asked for help with what I am going through). Then my husband raised his hand and told everyone he is an alcoholic and he needed faith as well…this is huge!!!

Before you know it, they had a circle around us and prayed for and with us. It was truly amazing… all these people we did not know praying and not judging. I have never felt so loved and by total strangers. No one judged, just prayed for our strength in the Lord and for our peace. I left Church feeling like I have a strength that I don’t remember having.

I listened to you in church, and when you said that God is always there… you can’t wait for him to change things and then believe. I think that is me. I am angry for my mom being an alcoholic, angry for my dad dying from cancer, angry at my husband… angry, angry, angry. And all along I have not been alone. I have just not looked or believed in the right one. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THAT. THANK YOU FOR NOT JUDGING MY FAMILY. That is such a hard thing to do!! I think I have judged and blamed the wrong person for way to long. I WILL NOW LEAN ON HIM, LEARN ABOUT HIM AND PRAY TO HIM… that feels amazing to say.

See you on Sunday.

The Franklins

Can you please share this information with the leaders in room 214? They where amazing. It was not a coincidence that they or my friends where with me in that hour!!

May this story encourage you not just to believe in the hope of Christ but to live it out in ways that literally touch the lives of those around you. May you find your “Franklins” today to love on in the name of Christ!


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