LITTLEFIELD – A lot can be derived about a town simply by driving through it, and this town is no different. A quick perusal of the area reveals a largely empty and aging downtown. Full Story »

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For most of us, a loaf of bread is something we pick up at the store. It’s such a staple that we think little about buying one. It’s one of many things we have in our pantries.

But what if you were a child who didn’t know where you would find your next meal? What if your pantry was nearly bare? Full Story »

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Before the sun could be seen through the seemingly ever-present haze here, warmth emanated from a small church start this morning in the Romanian village of Archita.

A small group of members gathered this morning to do what they do twice a week each week, thanks to the help of gifts to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering: share the bread of life with those around them. Full Story »

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If in the last few weeks you have determined that your balance is a little off and you could use some assistance in determining the right resources and people to connect to, Texas Baptist Counseling Services would be glad to help you make that assessment. We can assist you in finding a licensed counselor if you need to explore issues at a deeper level or work on some of the struggles that you find yourself and your family experiencing. No one in ministry is immune to struggles. In fact,ministry often presents a unique set of stresses for the minister and family which can make the struggles of life more difficult to walk through. Loneliness and discouragement can become overwhelming and impact both the spirit and ministry of faithful servants of God. Where can ministers turn for help? Who can they trust?

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CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Texas Baptists’ Bible Study Team is stepping up to help fill a ministry gap by providing training sessions here that typically would have been provided directly by churches on mission trips. Full Story »


Again a summons has come. This time it is from the U.S. District Court with a demand that I report for jury demand. It is probably my fourth summons during the past few years. They never come at a convenient time, but I always feel slightly honored to be summoned. It means my country, my state or my county need me. Full Story »


Finding balance can be difficult for those in ministry when the congregations they serve view ministers as hired servants of God, place them on pedestals or have perfectionist expectations and demands. As deacons and lay leaders in the church, there are numerous things you can do to ensure your ministers feel supported, encouraged and have the opportunity to make choices reflective of finding balance in ministry. Some ideas to help congregations support their ministers and families are described below, but I challenge every congregant or church leader to continually search for ways to expand these suggestions. Full Story »