What would you do if you lived in a city populated with the poor and marginalized? Full Story »


The Bible says that not only shall we worship but also be a servant of the Lord. Full Story »


Some of our students thought it looked like their native India. Full Story »


When most people think of a group of 100 college students taking a trip to the beach for spring break, they might imagine wild parties and immature behavior. Full Story »


Recently, students from UT Southwestern medical school went on a mission trip to serve the underserved in El Paso. Full Story »


My favorite story of Beach Reach didn’t involve a college student, who I thought we were going to reach, but a young high school kid we will call “Billy.” Full Story »

cowboy evangelism conference feature

MESQUITE – Leaders from cowboy churches across the state gathered at the Mesquite Rodeo March 22-23 for inspiration, information and fellowship meant to spur them to share the gospel when they returned home.  Full Story »