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What kind of King?

March 25th, 2013 at 6:00 am

I, like many of you, have been watching the cable television mini-series on Sunday evenings “The Bible.” Personally, I think it has been fairly well done. Putting thousands of years of Biblical history and action into ten hours of television has to be an enormous challenge. I watched with interest how the director portrayed the request of the people of Israel for a king like the other nations around them had, rather than to adhere to the pleas of Samuel to allow God to be their one and only King.

Some years ago, I was the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, and while there, the music ministry of the church presented an annual Easter pageant or Christmas pageant. I remember a song from one of the Easter Pageants entitled “Who Will Call Him King of Kings?”

Some of the words of the anthem were these, “What kind of King would let himself be crucified? What kind of King dies wounded and alone? What kind of King has no one to befriend him, no army to defend him, no kingdom and no throne? What kind of King would walk among the commoners? What kind of King wore rags instead of crowns? What kind of King is put to death so cruelly, what man of might and majesty, would choose to lay them down?”

Thinking back on the words of that song and looking ahead to Easter Sunday I encourage all of us to ask and answer on a personal level these questions that the song poses. We might all have different answers from each other, but that seems to be, for me, part of my answer itself. Jesus Christ is a personal King. He’s my King and he’s your King. Each one of us, in acts of humility and obedience, bow to His will and give Him reign over our lives. Part of the beauty of creation is that we are all different and yet Christ is King over each one.

He also is King over us collectively. We are His individually and His together. This is the essence of church. Jesus Christ is the head of the church. We Baptists who have no reservation claiming this truth know that the church is both the universal body of believers and also a collective body of local Christ followers. In both references, we do have a forever King.

Jesus Christ was a King who knew, as a national radio personality used to declare, “the rest of the story.” He knew that as painful and horrific as the crucifixion would be, it was the resurrection from the dead that would provide the reason for joy and celebration for those who acknowledge Him as Savior.

My prayer is that this Easter you will reaffirm Jesus Christ as your King and that your Church will enjoy a collective celebration of His life and reigning kingship. What kind of King was Jesus? Just the kind I need personally and we need collectively.

Happy Easter!


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