More changed lives, hope given, and needs expressed

May 9th, 2013 at 6:30 am

Ministries supported by the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering share stories and needs in their quarterly report to the Hunger Offering. These stories reflect how gifts to the Hunger Offering change lives and give hope in their efforts to help break the cycle of poverty. The ministries also share their volunteer needs through these reports. As you read some stories and requests from Hunger Offering partners below, please pray about how you can join the efforts to break the cycle of poverty.

Mission Center of Houston – Houston, TX
“We have a young man who has been coming to our food pantry for the last two years and is disabled. He has always had to depend on his aunt to take care of him because his Dad was put in prison when he was a small child and his mother has never been in the picture. Recently his aunt spoke with me that they had been going to a lawyer in order to get his citizenship papers completed. After we spoke a few times, it was clear that they were being taken advantage of by this lawyer who was not doing what he said he was doing. We were able to find this out because they come to our food pantry to receive assistance. Myself and another staff member began looking into how we could help with this situation. We were able to connect this family with another organization who offers free legal services a certain number of days each month. This young man’s aunt has been diligent and they are currently waiting for an appointment so that they can get his papers straightened out and they won’t be taken advantage of anymore.

Providing food assistance to those who need it has allowed us to have so many opportunities like this one to get involved in the lives of those in our community who otherwise would continue to be taken advantage of without realizing the options they have to do something about it.” – reported by Amanda

MCOH volunteer needs: They need bilingual (Spanish and English) adults to interview for food pantry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00-11:30am. Volunteers would need to be able to conduct an interview in about 7-10 minutes which would include the recording of basic information from each individual as well as share the Gospel clearly in Spanish or English, encourage each client with scripture, as well as pray for any needs they may have.

Health and Medical Clinics – Villages in Andhra Pradesh, South India
“A man and his family that we served come from a Hindu family. He and the entire family converted to Christian faith because of our medical assistance. He lost his job due to his new found faith in Jesus Christ. He was disowned by family, relatives and community and was struggling to take care of his family. That’s the first thing happens to any new convert in India and from there on the struggles start. The older daughter has TB and doesn’t have much time to live.  No hospital or doctor would tell us what she has since they were not in a position to pay for it. Finally, they gave up hope and went to church upon someone’s suggestion. They thought, this will be a disgrace for a Hindu family to go to church but for the sake of their daughter, they wanted to try everything and go anywhere. They had made know the their need to pastor and other leaders in the church. They all gathered around and prayed for their daughter and for the salvation of the entire family. The rest is a history. God touched their daughter and she was healed. As a result of that the entire family believed in Jesus Christ. God used this miracle and the healing to bring another half dozen families to the church. Praise the Lord!. Please keep this family in your prayer.” - reported by Sam

Andhra Pradesh volunteer needs: Medical professional, nurses, para-professionals and other interested to get their hands dirty reaching the unreached for Christ. No more than 12 people (ages 20+) in the months of February or October.

What can I do?
You can pray for these ministries.

You can give. Right now Texas Baptists are seeking to honor mothers and raise $1 million dollars on one day through the Texas Baptists’ Mother’s Day offering. Visit or call 888-244-9400 for more information.

You can connect with these or more Hunger Offering-Sponsored project and see their volunteer needs by visiting Be On Mission and choose “Hunger” as your search category. If you make a connection with one of these contacts, please let us know about your experience.

Be On Mission is an online global missions locator that allows users to Search, Submit, and Share about mission opportunities around the world. To learn more about Be On Mission, contact

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