Boys with Backpacks

Mother’s Day Offering: Backpacks of love

May 10th, 2013 at 6:00 am

In Lubbock – like many others places across the state – parents and guardians are struggling to make difficult choices about whether they can provide for their families. Often, they have to decide whether to pay bills or put food on the table.

Many of the students are helped by being eligible for free school breakfasts and lunches, which provide them a consistent source of well-rounded nourishment. On weekends, however, that safety net isn’t there.

With the help of Texas Baptist Hunger Offering funds, that’s where Mission Lubbock steps up to make sure these children have something to eat. The ministry delivers backpacks of food to schoolchildren on Fridays with enough to help them make it through the weekend.

The effort was particularly helpful for one family. There, a grandmother on a fixed income was caring for 10 children. The children’s mother was dying of cancer. Medical bills were mounting as were living expenses. The grandmother wasn’t sure how she could feed everyone.

The school notified Mission Lubbock of the need, and volunteers responded. That Friday, each child went home with a backpack of food. Each of them had enough to eat.

Many Texans can relate to high medical bills and fixed incomes that are stretched thin. How many more Texas families are in similar situations as the one above?

This Mother’s Day, Texas Baptists are encouraging churches to honor their mothers by caring like moms’ do – by sacrificially giving to help people in need. Convention leaders are urging churches to receive a special offering for the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.

By working together, Texas Baptists believe they can accomplish something extraordinary – raise $1 million in one day for ending hunger and ministering in the name of Christ.

Will you participate in this effort? Act now to make a difference in someone’s life. Visit, where you can find a giving opportunity as well as resources to promote the offering within your congregation.

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