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Mother’s Day offering: Isabelle’s story

May 9th, 2013 at 7:00 am

Civil war displaced 190,000 people in the Central African Republic, including  Isabelle, a young mother who fled her home with nothing. 

Central African Republic Baptists discovered her on the brink of starvation. Thanks to help from the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, they were able to offer her enough rice to live for 20 days.

After the fifth day, she asked why the Baptists were giving her rice. A volunteer was able to share how Jesus is the bread of life and that “the disciples of Jesus who are scattered around the world have contributed to this rice.” That began a series of conversations that led to Isabelle professing Christ as Lord. She then led her mother to the Lord.

“We really thank God for the conversion of the wife and mother,” said Singa-Gbazia Nicolas Aimé Simplice, who leads the feeding effort. “Other women and children were also converted to Christianity.”

Feeding the hungry and caring for those in need reflect the heart of Christ. Like in the case of Isabelle, meeting physical needs often opens the door to sharing the gospel.

This Mother’s Day, Texas Baptists are seeking to provide significant help for ministries throughout Texas and around the world that do just that. The convention is encouraging congregations to take a special offering as it attempts to raise $1 million in one day to end hunger and share the good news of Christ through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.

Today, you can provide the support that helps a person in need and possibly creates an avenue to share the gospel. Visit to give now and discover resources to promote the offering in your church.

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