Go Now Missions 2013

Honestly, there were many things coming into South Asia that made me extremely fearful. Full Story »

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The baby boomer wave is upon senior adult ministries, and people from all across the country are registering to “catch it” with the National Boomer Ministry Conference Sept. 5-6. Full Story »


Texas Baptists gave more than $230,000 to help the hungry through last Spring’s Mother’s Day offering. Full Story »


Special needs boy, disabled boy, different boy…so many labels are attached to him by society confusing what he has with who he is. Full Story »

loving oklahoma

Texas Baptists are preparing to help people affected by last Spring’s tornados through “Loving Oklahoma,” five-day concentrated service effort to assist those around Oklahoma City. Full Story »

Texas cooking story

The smell of Texas barbecue tickles noses, makes mouths water and attracts a crowd.

Even in Italy. Full Story »


Many a pastor has said it while giving an invitation: It’s never too late to turn to Jesus. He’s always there with open arms. He calls each of us. Full Story »