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Michael Evans, Sr., pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church of Mansfield, preaches during the Family Gathering of Texas Baptists in San Antonio.

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Texas Baptists’ Executive Director David Hardage preaches during the Family Gathering in San Antonio.

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What if the building you meet in for worship belonged to God instead of your church? That’s the question Gaston Oaks Baptist Church in Dallas asked themselves. The answer gave five congregations a home.

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Christ instructed His followers to feed the hungry. New Light Baptist Church in Lubbock seeks to do just that and sees lives changing as a result.

YouTube | Download | 2:27 | 93.1 MB Two congregations from different backgrounds and ministry settings discover their love for Christ bonds them together.


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Speakers: Afshin Ziafat, Jaun “Coach Val” Valenzuela
Praise & Worship: Gabriel De La Garza
Concert: Jeremy Camp