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Executive Board votes to sell Glorieta Texan Lodge

August 30th, 2013 at 2:35 pm

The Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board unanimously voted to sell the Texan Lodge at the Glorieta Conference Center in New Mexico and invest the revenue in convention-sponsored youth camps.

The board voted to sell the lodge for $100,000 to Glorieta 2.0, a Christian camp group that is buying the conference center from LifeWay Christian Resources. The BGCT will then create a “quasi-endowment” with the funds, which will produce $4,000-5,000 year to support BGCT youth camps such as Camp Exalted and Camp Fusion.

Texas Baptists’ Treasurer Jill Larsen said the endowment would continue the type of work the funds were originally donated for in the construction of the Texan Lodge. The BGCT owns the lodge but leases the land. That lease is set to end Sept. 30.

“[Texas Baptists’ Executive Director] Dr. [David] Hardage and I are both very interested in increasing our endowment as we feel like that helps us ensure our future funding of our ministries,” she said.

Glorieta 2.0 has asked lodge owners to make decisions about lodge ownership by Sept. 1. Glorieta 2.0 provided three options for lodge owners: donate the lodge, sell it for roughly $30 a square foot up to $100,000 or lease it for 12 years after which it would be donated to Glorieta 2.0.

The lodge has been used to house staff members attending various LifeWay events, but that has been declining as fewer events have been held there.

Selling the lodge also frees up $15,000 a year in the BGCT budget. Larsen said decisions have not been made on how to reallocate those funds.

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2 Responses

  1. becky yarbrough says:

    I can understand why the lodge owners are willing to be bought out for pennies on the dollar, although it isn’t right. I know their are many lodges and church owned facilities that are rarely used and are costly to maintain. But, as a homeowner – we have a personal investment. Would some of the Convention, College or Church owned facilities be willing to step up and help the ones of us who are losing our retirement investments and who have served the SBC as missionaries and ministers for years? Will someone help us to be treated fairly by LifeWay? We need help and ask that others step forward to help us. Please let LifeWay know and others know this situation and ask for fairness in giving us fair market value for our homes?

  2. Jill Larsen Jill Larsen says:

    BGCT is very sympathetic with the plight of the individual homeowners. While the treatment of the homeowners by Lifeway is not what we would have hoped for, the lessees understood the leases with Lifeway posed risks to the homeowners. Based on the lease, the BGCT came to the conclusion that legal action was unlikely to prevail and that the offer made by Glorieta 2.0 should be accepted by the Convention.

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