DALLAS – The Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board approved a $40.4 million 2014 budget for the convention. Full Story »


SAN ANTONIO – The energetic call and response style of African American preaching garners the attention of those who have witnessed its finest practitioners. Full Story »


Spiritual revival is taking place in the midst of the Syrian crisis. Full Story »

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ALLEN – The largest cohort of Americans also happens to be the one that’s living longer than all those who came before it. Full Story »

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The Ignite Your Passion Outreach was a huge success this past weekend. Pastors and Church Leaders in Eagle Pass, Texas had hoped to have a prayer meeting spanning across the bridge (between Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Mexico) which serves as a walkway across the border. They had received permission from city officials but the decision was rescinded at the last minute and therefore the group met in the parking lot at the border and prayed for the border violence and needs of both cities.In spite of this development, over 300 from the community participated in the outreach. The event consisted of a block party, concert, praise dancing, food, and lots of fun. 500 backpacks with schools supplies were distributed to children and youth.

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There are two kinds of people in our town: people who like the smell of church and people who don’t. That is not to say that they are not open to Jesus, but their perception is that the church comes with pews and weird music. So our church’s leadership has been exploring non-traditional types of Christian education by building faith community into other activities that don’t smell like church. Full Story »


SAN ANTONIO – The Immigration Service and Aid Center opened its doors on the Baptist University of the Américas campus Aug. 30 to directly help people with their citizenship issues. Full Story »