Every year, we celebrate those who care about us and care for us. We set aside a day to cherish those who cherish their children and who sacrifice to provide for the ones they love.

On May 11th, we’re honoring our mothers by following their example. This year, let’s sacrificially give through a special offering — the Mother’s Day Hunger Offering — to not only provide food for those in need, but more importantly, to share the love of Christ by equipping our partners to meet the needs in their communities.

By uniting the efforts of Texas Baptists, we can raise $1 million this Mother’s Day to end hunger one mom at a time. So this May 11th, let’s not simply pass the plate in church — let’s fill it. Please consider holding a special offering in your church on Mother’s Day. Because every mother’s child needs a meal.


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Students in the BSM at the University of Texas Pan-American learn how God can use their lives.

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