Our Values

Bible-God’s Written Word

We value the Bible as the divinely inspired record of God’s revelation of himself to us. It serves as the authoritative guide for life and ministry.

Transformational Churches

We value the church as the body called to carry out the purposes of God according to God’s will. We make every effort to develop transformational churches that help believers become Christlike and prepare them to engage culture and to advance the Kingdom of God. We value being on mission with God in our communities and in reaching a lost world.

Spiritual Formation-Discipleship

We value intimacy with God that forms the image of Christ in us. We submit our lives to be shaped by God through feeding on the Word, praying continually, sharing Christ, and living in community with other believers.

Servant Leadership

We value servant leadership that models the ministry of Jesus as he called people to become his disciples and to serve all the interests of God’s Kingdom. We are committed to the ongoing nurture and development of courageous servant leadership in our churches.

Worth of All Persons

We value every person, for all are created in God’s image. We commit ourselves to love others as Christ loves us and to serve others in Jesus’ name.

Baptist Distinctives

We value those Biblical truths that shape Baptist life and history, including the soul’s competency before God, the priesthood of each believer and all believers, the autonomy of the local church, and a free church in a free state.


We value integrity in our lives and in our churches, demonstrated by Christ-like attitudes and actions that are consistent and evident in all we think and do. Integrity is the foundation for the mutual trust, accountability, excellence in ministry, and teamwork that marks our work together.


We value including all persons redeemed by God’s grace and called to serve in the missions and ministries of this body. We embrace the mosaic of God’s family, grateful for the richness of gifts, backgrounds and experiences.