Applying for Available Positions

It is the policy of the Baptist General Convention of Texas not to keep on file unsolicited resumes. Download the below application for employment. Open the application in Adobe and complete all fields. If you have any questions, please contact HR at (214) 828-5168. Completed applications and resume can be sent to , faxed to (214) 887-5455, or mailed to the below address. Include the position you are applying for and any additional information such as a cover letter or references.

BGCT Human Resources
7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75231-2388

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Available Positions

BSM Director, TJC

The Director of Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) is responsible for the direction of the total ministry of the BSM, particularly on the local campus. In addition to coordinating the campus ministry, the Director will assist in the work of the local Baptist churches in the campus community as the BSM joins with these churches in a total ministry to students.

Director of Theological Education
Functions as the primary Administrative Officer for the Theological Education Council (TEC), implementing plans, policies, and programs of the TEC. Evaluate needs and opportunities for ministry training and theological education among Texas Baptists and seek to develop, implement and administer programs to meet these needs. Serve as liaison, providing guidance and general coordination to all theological education and ministry-training efforts related to the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships and educational partnerships with entities and institutions related to other Baptist conventions that are involved in theological education. Administer the convention’s program of Ministerial Financial Assistance (MFA).

BSM Director, ETBU
The Director of BSM will lead in the continued growth and expansion of a Baptists Student Ministry working in cooperation with the Dean of Spiritual Life at ETBU. ETBU BSM as the priority religious organization on campus will coordinate strategy for Student leadership teams, Evangelism/Discipleship strategy on and off campus, local teams, International ministry and Go Now Missions. Also, the ETBU BSM Director will actively interact with the Local Baptist churches for cooperation and support in reaching college students.

Marketing Consultant
To provide client service, marketing strategy, communications tactics, workflow management and design input for the missions and ministries of the BGCT and Texas Baptist churches.

Director of Urban Missions and Urban Partnerships
The director will collaborate with pastors, churches, and mission leaders in urban and transitioning areas by providing opportunities to engage in missions, to train in missions & ministry skills, and to replant churches. Also, the director will facilitate the mobilization of short-term, mid-term and long-term missionaries in the following areas: Texas Baptists Missionaries, Mission Service Corps (MSC), Urban Mission Partnerships, and Church Replants.

Cultural Evangelism/Congreso Coordinator
This position directly relates to management and/or general business operations with a focus on Hispanic Specialist, African American Specialist, and the Regional Evangelism Associates. Exercising discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance that have to do with budgeting and event coordination.

BSM Associate Director, UNT
The Associate Director of Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) is responsible for assisting the Director with the direction of the total ministry of the BSM on the UNT campus. In addition to coordinating the campus ministry, the Associate Director will assist in the work of the local Baptist churches in the campus community as the BSM joins with these churches in a total ministry to students. The Associate Director will assist the BSM Director in relationship with alumni.