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Baptists have a long history that includes pioneering, gun slinging and defending freedom of religion. The History and Heritage team works to preserve the history of Texas Baptists as well as the history of your individual church.  There are numerous reasons to be Baptist and by understanding what makes us distinct, builds our understanding of why and how we worship God.

Baptist General Convention of Texas History

Baptist work in Texas is older than the state itself. In fact, the first Baptist service was held in 1820, a full quarter of a century before statehood. Although Baptists were among the earliest Anglo settlers in Texas, the first Baptist church was not established until 1834 when Daniel Parker led a Primitive Baptist congregation from Illinois. More>>

Texas Baptist Historical Collection

The Texas Baptist Historical Collection exists to collect, preserve, and communicate the history of Baptists in Texas and to assist institutions, associations, churches, and individuals in understanding the impact that historical events have had on their past, present, and future.

Baptist Distinctives

We value those Biblical truths that shape Baptist life and history, including the soul’s competency before God, the priesthood of each believer and all believers, the autonomy of the local church, and a free church in a free state. The Texas Baptist Heritage Center, operating out of the Executive Director Emeritus Office, provides a variety of resources and educational opportunities that highlight and emphasize traditional Baptist distinctiveness and Baptist heritage.

Baptists: History, Distinctives, Relationships Notebook

This loose-leaf book will help you learn about Baptist history, doctrines and practices unique to Baptists, and how Baptists relate to one another locally and globally. A teaching guide is included for use in various teaching settings. The book is available in both print and downloadable formats. The printed format may be purchased with or without a deluxe binder and the downloadable format is available at no cost. Click below to download the English or Spanish edition now. To order the print edition at $9.00 per copy ($13 with Deluxe Binder) e-mail Paul Ware at paul.ware[at]texasbaptists.org.

Baptists: History, Distinctives, Relationships
Los Bautistas: Historia, Distintivos, Relaciones



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