For some parents, the decision to even begin the adoption process takes time. When Ashli and Kyle Young learned they had a slim chance of getting pregnant, they began to pray and seek God's guidance about adoption as an possibility. Here are some of Ashli's tips on what to do once you you are ready to consider adoption as a way God may grow your family:

  1. Pray and say, "Okay, God, I'm willing."
  2. Talk with other adoptive families about their experiences.
  3. Read, read, read adoption books.
  4. Research, visit (if possible), and interview agencies that help you adopt.
  5. Prayerfully decide parameters for what you will and will not be able to accept in your home. An agency will help with this.

Texas Baptists proudly supports its trusted partners in providing adoptive care, foster care, and homes for children.

Baptist Child and Family Services

Provides a variety of adoption and foster-care services, as well as a variety of other services that help children, teens and families. Learn more...

San Antonio, Texas

Buckner Children and Family Services

Provides domestic infant adoption, intercountry adoption, waiting Texas children, foster-to-adopt, and foster care. Learn more...

Dallas, Texas

Children at Heart Ministries

Provides residential care, counseling and other outreach services for children, teens and families going through crisis. A family of Christian ministries that envisions hope and a promising future for all children and families. Learn more...

Round Rock, Texas

South Texas Children's Home Ministries

Provides homes for children, single-mom families, and a variety of other services to care for children and families. Learn more...

Beeville, Texas

Create a care calendar of meals for the first month when the child and family are transitioning to the new environment.

Visit with a nearby agency on how church members can be trained for respite care--a planned or emergency care provided to caregivers.

Be willing to be a listening ear.