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Bivocational pastors are often some of the busiest around wearing two different hats all week and many more on Sundays. To assist you in your church leadership we offer training seminars, consultations, theological education and more.

Training Seminars

Training seminars are primarily presented in conjunction with BGCT conferences, including the BGCT Annual Meeting. These custom-designed seminars meet the needs of bivocational pastors like you in all aspects of your ministry. Contact us.

Theological Education

You can network with Baptist universities and seminaries theological education. At present, we work directly with Truett Theological Seminary, Logsdon School of Theology and Dallas Baptist University.

Bivocational Pastor Conferences

We work throughout the year with associations and/or groups of church leaders to plan, promote and finance conferences for bivocational leaders like you. We work hard to ensure these conferences are designed to meet your church’s needs


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